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30-Jun-2008. I sat into the train "Enisey" (Krasnoyarsk-Moscow) and got sleeping soon. Prior to sleep I repeated my speech for presentation.

1-Jul-2008. McDonalds and Samsung occured to be situated at the same building. I like McD. In spite of many of my friends' opinion, McD's food bears a very positive energy, because it is cooked usually by students in a funny, friendly and kind environment with a minimal set of preparation procedures.

Yulia (HR of Samsung Electronics) appreciated me and other candidates with a pleasant hospitality. I was a little bit excited, thinking about serious interview with representatives of Samsung. But these Korean guys appeared to be very sincere people. We friendly told about my experience, hobbies, research etc. They liked my educational and professional background and got a little bit upset, when I said, that I can not go to Korea to work for Samsung during nearest 2 years (due to work on my candidate degree). I was invited to participate in the Samsung summer Internship next July in Korea.

Moscow. Moscow is always beauiful, ancient and grandiose. Foreigners are excited, wondered and satisfied. The same is for Russian tourists. But other people... For the large part of them Moscow is not a native city. Юран в Москве
They came to Moscow to work and study, to look for success and money... But the bigger part of this people seems unsatisfied. Crowds in metro and traffic jams are full of faces looking like they expected smth. other from Moscow. There is much of dejection in these faces, and even pathos in talks, clothes and gestures doesn't escape them from omnipresent being look like loser of soul. Of course, I don't pretend to be impartial in such a judgement, but Tolik confirmed the same feeling in himself.

Actually, the personality defines everything inside and outside of itself. It doesn't matter where the personality is situated: either in California, Moscow or Ust-Uryupinsk. But what is not good in Moscow, one deeps himself in such a pathologic environment of omnipresent dejection and unsatifaction, that can make him to get the same hopeless and creativity-less mood.

Moscow looks like built of very homogenous layers. In Moscow it seems to be a problem to get over the constraints of your layer, even though there could be another situation in other world.
Юран в Москве
Vladimir. This town met me with sunny wheather, sunny people, and sunny Tolik. Even homeless alcoholics seem sunny in Vladimir (in comparison to Moscow it is obvious). We had a good time walking along streets and talking about life. Aleksey joined us, and we continued our pleasant pastime together.
Юран в Москве
Tolik is taking part in a shooting of movie. So, we met in order to whish him Good Luck in a subsequent shooting period.

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